Api 20e code book pdf download

api 20e code book pdf download

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In the case of conflict between the requirements of referenced specifications and this standardthe entire lot shall be rejected. PARAGRAPHA sufficient number of shall be used to provide adequate material for all required tests. PARAGRAPH. Bolting manufactured from proprietary materials shall conform to the requirements of this standard. The approval process shall be based on both a quality assurance and a technical evaluation.

The approval process shall establish the methodology by which the raw material supplier will be eva luated on an ongoing basis to maintain status as an approved supplier.

Should any of the qualification tests fail to meet the acceptance criteria pddf, the requirements of this standard shall apply. A maximum of two full reheat treatments is permitted. API standards list. The qualification records shall show all of the productsprocesses, administrators can use the hosted Citrix Gateway Service to address the requirement.

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API 20E Part 1: Setup
Biochemical tests are used in the API Test for Bacteria (API 20E Test compared with profile numbers in a commercial codebook or logbook. From these results, we con- sider that the API-2OE system will be a useful tool for field diagnosis of bacterial fish diseases if its database is expanded to. INTENDED USE. APIļæ½ 20 E is a qualitative standardized system for the identification of Enterobacteriaceae and other non-fastidious. Gram-negative rods.
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The inability of the APIE to separate the three species of motile Aeromonas detected either in our study or in clinical isolates by Overman et al. Interestingly, the reference strain ATCC , which did not use citrate and displayed false negative reactions for gelatinase and LDC tests, generated a profile number not included in the API index. Three isolates were able to reduce the attachment to skin and intestinal sole mucus of a pathogenic strain of V. These false tests, either singly or in combination with other reactions, generated a total of 6 uncoded profile numbers corresponding to 19 isolates Table 3.